Amenity Modules

C3S provides Amenity Modules for local authorities who require a fast response solution to meet the needs of Gypsy and Travellers communities.

These detached and semi-detached units are installed on traveller site pitches to provide washroom, bath/shower, cooking and dining facilities

Supplied fully fitted, modules are quickly installed onsite by our experienced team.

When only required on a semi-permanent basis, our amenity modules can be easily removed, stored and refurbished, in preparation for their next call out.

Amenity Units

Bathroom Facilities

Kitchen Facilities

Utility Buildings

Exterior Design

Utilising a similar technique to that used on our ‘Home Living Modules’, we are able to create aesthetically appealing exteriors that fit in with the surrounding built environment.

We also apply a specialist anti-graffiti coating to our Amenity Modules, helping ensure each module remains visually attractive for as long as possible

Fully Fitted Utility Modules

Easily transferred from site to site, our amenity modules provide a tough and robust outer shell, finished internally by our in-house joinery team for practical day-to-day use.

Safety & Security Experts

Bespoke Design

Quick Installation

30 Years Experience

Bathroom Facilities

Our modules can provide a mix of facilities including washing areas, showers, toilets and utility spaces.

Professionally manufactured off-site, the modules are delivered ready for use, with just minimal connection to water, drainage and electricity when delivered.

Quick Installation

One of the biggest benefits our ‘Amenity Modules’ provide to Local Authorities, is the quick and simple deployment by our experienced team.

When site conditions or social factors mean that a lengthy construction project is simply not viable, our ‘Amenity Modules’ offer an alternative approach that can significantly reduce site programmes and associated preliminary costs.

By removing the build process from the construction site and only delivering when modules are ready to connect to services, we can also reduce the site costs associated with safely and securely storing tools, equipment and building materials.

A complete service package including project management, storage between assignments, cleaning, maintenance, renovation, modifications and repairs.
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Why C3S Modules?

Specialising in the provision of amenity modules for a range of purposes, our quick installation and fast response has established C3S as a supplier to Local Authorities who are required to provide facilities for Travellers and Gypsies.

As a temporary structure they can be moved and refurbished to meet the changing needs of the Local Authority.

As specialists in complete safety and security solutions aimed at protecting people and property, our ‘Home Living Units’ benefit from the 30 years of unrivalled industry experience offered by C3S.