Modular Benefits

There are many benefits of modular manufacturing when compared with traditional construction methods. These advantages, combined with the expert team and experience at C3S, has positioned C3S Modular as a market leader across a range of sectors.

Turnkey Solution

Clean & Quick

Hassle Free

Limited Disruption

Cost Certainty

Restoration Service

Delivered Fully Decorated

Portable & Re-Usable

Bespoke Designs


Manufactured off-site in our purpose built factory, we are not subject to common construction delays such as the weather or restricted site access.

Our modules can be built and installed within 6 to 8 weeks. This is up to half the time of traditional construction and offers a faster return on investment.

Installed fully fitted and decorated, our modules can be ready for occupation in just two days.


With over 30 years of experience, the team at C3S continually refine and improve the complete order process, to ensure the very best experience for all our clients.

This approach has ensured that working with C3S is simple and easy, without compromising on quality and support. Our expert designers, in-house manufacturing and joinery team and specialist installers are all committed to delivering the highest standards at each stage of the process.

Reduced Costs

Preliminary costs are significantly lower than traditional build projects, with the added benefit of all project management and drawings included in the price.

Manufacturing at our factory enables our project team to closely manage all stages of a project and quickly react to any necessary changes, ensuring there are no unforeseen cost over-runs.

With a highly-tuned manufacturing process, capable of running 24/7/365, we consistently outperform construction productivity norms – enabling us to pass the savings straight on to our customers.

Greater Sustainability

We are committed to protecting people and property. This extends to the wider environment and working towards a sustainable future. Producing pre-fabricated modules offers many benefits when compared to traditional construction methods, particularly around the minimisation of materials wastage and the significant reduction in site deliveries.

Our modules are also designed to offer optimal energy efficiency, to further help protect the environment.

View Our Environmental Policy Here

Less Wastage

Manufacturing on our purpose built site in West Yorkshire, we have all the tools to ensure we fully utilise materials with increased precision throughout production.

Benefiting from factory processing and the advantages of buying for multiple projects, we not only reduce waste compared to on-site building work, but also reduce costs.

Latest Innovations

Our clients benefit from the expert modular manufacturing team and their commitment to design, build and install the very best solution possible for our clients.

Challenging older traditional construction techniques, we employ state of the art technology and provide full exposure to the craftsmanship of the C3S in-house joinery team. And where enhanced building security is needed, the specialists from C3S Safety & Security are there to ensure no design compromise is ever needed.

Reduced Disruption

For all of our solution scenarios, we believe their are significant benefits to our production methods – most noticeably on the noise, traffic and disruption experienced by residents and surrounding businesses through what would usually be months of building.

Environments such as homes, schools and hospitals, where the distractions of construction work are particularly damaging, can benefit significantly by reducing the timeline of site activity to just days. The same naturally applies to businesses, where any disruption to customers or in-house operations can have a costly impact on the bottom line.

Refurbish & Restore

Our modules are designed to be transported to multiple locations and easy to refurbish, ensuring they can be quickly transformed to meet the needs of a new project or requirement.

We can also restore the groundworks and installation environment to its original state once the module has been removed.

Exterior Design

Because every architectural need is unique, we constantly strive to ensure no exterior design or aesthetic is out of reach. We also offer a unique matching service, using a non-porous GRP simulated brick/stone finish to match modules to the external finish of an existing building, ensuring a sympathetic finish appropriate for the environment.

Experience & Expertise

At C3S, we have been designing, manufacturing and installing built-environment solutions for over 30 years.

Within this, we have delivered close to one thousand modular, temporary and portable structures, giving us second-to-none experience in taking a customer’s vision and applying modern building methods to its realisation.

What’s more, our established fire and security division, C3S Safety & Security, has spent the last three decades protecting people and property from some of the most challenging safety and security scenarios the built environment has to offer. Developing safe and secure modular buildings therefore comes naturally to us.

And with the expert craftsmen and bespoke joiners of the C3S Joinery division, we can further harness our wider skill-sets to make sure each modular solution is uniquely finished to the exact requirements of each customer.

This unique blend of skills, and our market leading credentials in each area, means we offer a service and proposition that we believe is truly unique in the modular buildings marketplace.

To discuss how C3S Modular can help your business, please contact our specialist team for further information.