DFG Specified Home Living Modules

Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) are available to disabled individuals who need to make changes to their property, usually to improve access to rooms and facilities.

The C3S Disabled Facilities Grant Specified Home Living Modules are designed to meet many of the requirements within the DFG procurement process, whilst still delivering a high quality and flexible home living adaptation.

Available as either a bedroom unit, wetroom or complete bedroom and bathroom, each module is fitted to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Our specialist pre-fabricated solution is manufactured off-site for minimum disruption and then delivered and connected by our expert team in just two days.

Working alongside Local Authorities and Occupational Therapists to design and develop a cost effective property extension, the DFG Home Living Module offers many benefits compared to traditional construction methods.

Disability Facilities Grant – Frequently Asked Questions

Minimal Disruption

Quick Installation

Cost Certainty

Fully Decorated

Why a Home Living Module?

Providing an ‘Instant Extension’ to a property, our ‘Home Living Modules’ are a cost effective alternative to bricks-and-mortar extensions, without any of the impacts associated with a time-consuming building project.

Delivered fully decorated and ready to use in just 2-4 days, we remove the disruption and complexity of traditional building projects. By removing the need for lengthy respite care, we also enable customers to avoid the expense and inconvenience of long stays away from home.

Often procured by local authorities, our home living modules respond to the recommendations of the Government’s ‘Care In The Community’ initiative, enabling care at home to be given for longer than would otherwise be the case.

These units can enhance an individual’s life, whilst saving local authorities the cost of providing permanent building extensions.

As a portable solution, the ‘Home Living Module’ is perfect for local authority and NHS facilities departments as an owned asset.

If you are currently struggling to meet an adaptation need, and need a solution that can deliver a high quality living or bathroom space, at a sensible cost and with only two-days of site installation, give us a call and we would be more than happy to pay you a visit to talk about how we could help you.

Graham Ross – Projects Director, C3S.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke Solutions Our modules can be customised to meet the specific needs of an individual. Including features such as integrated hoists and sensory rooms.

Our fully fitted Home Living Modules are individually designed, built and tested in our factory before being transported and connected to the existing home.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Disabled Facilities Grant.

Because we use an innovative rendering technique, that matches the exterior finish of our home living modules to the finish of existing buildings, our modules never look out of place when used to extend an existing property.

Tim Hey – Project Manager, C3S.

Quality Fabrication, Efficient Installation

Manufactured by our in-house team, we are able to control all aspects of production to produce a long lasting, high quality property extension that utilises the latest building technology.

Our average lead time from site survey to installation is 6 weeks, which enables us to help people live independently much quicker than traditional-build alternatives.

Our home living modules comply with all current building regulations, but with the added benefit of just 2-4 days for final installation and connection. With this comes a significant reduction in respite costs, and a significantly reduced impact of construction on local residents.

Our solution is fully compliant with current building regulations and is certified under the Local Authority Building control (LABC) approval scheme

Mark Willis – Health, Safety, Environment & Quality, C3S.

Removal & Refurbishment

Whilst the additional accommodation provided by a C3S ‘Home Living Module’ can add value to a property, for corporate or public sector buyers, they also represent an asset – one that can be easily removed, refurbished and re-deployed.

Popular with local authorities, our modules enable procurement and adaptation teams to realise lasting value from their investment – as opposed to repetitively procuring the construction of traditional home extensions for every adaptation case.

Our relocation service removes the module, restores the connected building and grounds to their original state and then prepares the module for its next location.

Limited Building Work

Simple Order Process

Experienced Team

Restoration Service

Why C3S Modules?

C3S is the market leader in domestic modular extensions. We have been designing, manufacturing and installing ‘Home Living Modules’ for the last 15 years, continuously refining and improving the units.

Working closely with local authority architects, planning departments, social services and charity organisations, we aim to ensure our property extensions make life as comfortable as possible for the whole family.

As specialists in complete solutions aimed at protecting people and property, our ‘Home Living Modules’ benefit from the 30 years of unrivalled industry experience offered by being part of the C3S brand.

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