Secure Modules

C3S specialise in protecting people and property from blasts, ballistics, physical attack and fire.

This experience in providing safety and security solutions to the built environment has established C3S as a leading organisation in the provision of secure modular buildings.

Our custom designed and manufactured modules utilise the company’s safety and security expertise to provide a higher level of security than otherwise attainable in the modular buildings marketplace.

Security levels range from physical attack to the highest levels of ballistic attack under current British and European standards.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, our secure modules are most popular for organisations who require a portable secure premises, delivered quickly with minimal disruption, for short to medium term usage.

Ticket Offices

Guardhouses & Gatehouses

Security Control Rooms

ATM Bunkers

Ticket Offices

Our Secure Ticket Offices are designed for maximum security. Supplied to specific client requirements, our units are pre-fabricated, fully fitted and supplied to site as a finished unit for installation and commissioning.

These units allow maximum protection against a range of threats, from physical to ballistic attack, ensuring both staff and assets remain safe and secure at all times.

Guardhouses & Gatehouses

C3S designs and manufactures bespoke guardhouse and gatehouse modules that protect against both ballistic and physical attack.

Our Gatehouses provide a comfortable, functional and well-insulated working environment for security personnel, without compromising on the level of protection required. Our units are also fully removable and re-locatable should a client’s requirements change.

Delivering a complete modular solution for a range of scenarios where there is a risk to people's safety.
Safety & Security Experts

Bespoke Design

Quick Installation

30 Years Experience

Secure Modules

Our Secure Modules are popular in any environment where there is a need to either control access or protect people.

  • Ticket Offices
  • Gatehouses
  • Strong Rooms / Panic Rooms
  • ATM Kiosks
  • Guardhouses
  • Security Control Rooms

We also offer secure modular premises, perfect for school classrooms, healthcare environments, retail outlets and marketing suites.

All of our modules are prefabricated off-site, using our expert people protection skills to meet the most demanding of safety and security requirements.
Protecting people and property from physical, ballistic and blast attack through a range of modular solutions, built with an unprecedented level of knowledge and experience.

Why C3S Modules?

C3S specialises in providing bespoke security solutions to some of the most challenging and high-risk environments across the globe, where physical, ballistic and blast attack are a persistent threat.

Combining this knowledge with our modular manufacturing experience, we offer clients the unique ability to achieve a modular building solution, without any compromise to their security priorities.

A complete service package including project management, storage between assignments, cleaning, maintenance, renovation, modifications and repairs.
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