Secure Retail Buildings

Each of our modules is carefully designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring no compromise needs to be made on operational, security, design or customer service priorities.

At C3S we manufacture and install high quality, bespoke modular buildings, enabling our customer-facing clients to react quicker than ever to their customers’ needs.

Whether needing to achieve a fast commercial presence, respond to peaks and troughs in demand, or react with pace to a business continuity risk; our retail and banking modules can provide a high quality, dynamic addition to a branch or store network.

C3S can provide instant secure data connectivity within our secure modules, even in remote sites. This connectivity is provided by installing an i-MO modem which bonds signal strength from multiple mobile operators to provide fast, robust and secure data even in remote areas.”

Supporting the banking sector with our popular mobile banks and retail industry with our pop-up shop solutions, the ability to manufacture off-site, before a quick installation, not only offers time and disruption benefits, but also offers cost savings when compared to traditional building methods.

Designed, manufactured and installed by our expert team of technicians, we ensure a premium finish across all aspects of production.

Specialising in security enhanced modules that benefit from an in-house, highly-skilled manufacturing and joinery team, we are able to produce high quality, unique modular spaces – perfect for ensuring customer service is delivered in a secure, comfortable and attractive environment.

The popularity of our retail and banking modules has led us to develop solutions for a diverse range of applications.

C3S Secure Buildings can be used in a variety of situations including:

Book Makers

  • Enhancing your brand at prestigious events
  • Continuity of service when a branch becomes unusable

Event Organisers

  • Bar token vending at festivals and events
  • Ticketing and cash handling


  • Providing secure control rooms
  • Gate and guard houses

Premium Jewellery Brands

  • Providing a bespoke secure show room at prestigious events

Retail Banks

  • Continuity of service when a branch becomes is under refurbishment
  • Enhancing marketing opportunities
  • Disaster recovery; helping local communities quickly regain banking facilities when their local branch damaged, for example by flooding
  • Quickly establishing branches in developing countries


  • Establishing a permanent ticket office with minimal disruption
  • Providing continuity of service during refurbishment works
Shows & Events

Planned Expansion

Business Continuity Planning

Additional Capacity

Safety & Security Experts

Bespoke Design

Quick Installation

30 Years Experience

Mobile Banking Modules

Our attractive bespoke banking modules are designed to the highest specification, utilising our unique blend of security, joinery and modular building skills.

Popular for public event presence, business continuity situations, and disaster recovery scenarios, where a portable, yet high quality premises is required.

Retail & Marketing Suite Modules

C3S modules are increasingly popular in retail environments, where savings from off-site building methods and reductions in construction times offer an attractive alternative to traditional methods.

Our ability to install with minimum disruption, combined with the exceptional build quality offered by C3S, further supports our clients’ decisions to move away from traditional construction methods and choose C3S for their fast-paced retail development needs.

Education & Healthcare Modules

Solving many of the short term capacity challenges faced by public sector organisations, our portable, flexible modules offer a simple and adaptable solution.

Popular in schools and hospitals where existing space is under renovation or additional space is required, our modules offer a safe, comfortable and cost effective alternative to traditional means of increasing capacity.

Features & Options

Armoured Walls

Armoured Floor

Armoured Doors

Armoured Glazing

Armoured Air Vents

Air Filtering Against Harmful Gasses

Permanent or Temporary Secure Fixing to the Ground

Wide Range of Exterior Finishes Available

Compete Fit Out Available

Secure Counter Lines Installed

Instant Secure High Speed Data Connection

Strong Rooms Installed

Secure ATM Bunker can be Incorporated

Demountable & Reusable



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Enhanced Security

Further utilising our experience in people protection, each C3S module can be fitted with a range of security features that provide protection against physical or ballistic attack.

Security Features Include: Glazed Security Screens, Bullet-Resistant Counters, Rising Security Screens, Security Airlock Systems, Attack & Ballistic Resistant Walls & Partitions, Blast Resistance, Electronic Security & CCTV.

With the support of our in-house safety and security experts, we will provide a bespoke modular solution that not only meets your functional and aesthetic requirements, but keeps staff and customers safe from harm in the unfortunate event of a raid or robbery.

Joinery & Fit-Out Specialists

In addition to the expertise offered by our skilled design and manufacturing team, we are also able to take care of your joinery requirements.

Our in-house craftspeople will ensure your module is delivered fitted out to the highest standard, to your design requirements, reflecting your corporate identity.

Our bespoke joinery expertise has led to our involvement in some of the construction industry’s most prestigious fit-out projects. Being able to apply this talent to our modular buildings means we have raised the bar when it comes to providing attractive, functional and comfortable modular spaces.

Accreditation & Certification

The full team at C3S is committed to providing the highest standards in customer service, quality and craftsmanship, throughout our portfolio.

Our experienced team works to guidelines and procedures set out by key industry bodies to assure the quality and reliability of our products and the service we deliver.

Fast Response & Emergency Planning

One of the many benefits of our modular buildings is the pace at which we can provide a solution. Our solutions are typically delivered at least 50 percent quicker that traditional construction projects – and by manufacturing in our purpose built factory, we typically only require 2-days on-site for final installation and connection to services.

We can also store modules in our secure West Yorkshire compound, ready for immediate deployment in disaster recovery scenarios. Please contact us for more information on the various procurement options for our retail and banking modules.