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About This Project

Heathrow – Secure Ticket Module

Approached by London Underground Limited (LUL) to deliver a fast-track solution to an urgent requirement for a secure London Underground ticket office, C3S quickly assembled a team of in-house experts to solve the problem.

The solution needed to be fully bullet resistant and conform to strict LUL requirements for safety, security and ergonomics.

Our solution ticked the boxes on all fronts, with a fully bullet-resistant construction, stainless steel ergonomic counters, ballistic-rated pass trays and a DDA compliant counter.

Delivered in just 2-weeks, the project called upon skills from across the C3S business – the team at C3S Modular overseeing the project and its modular construction; the team at C3S Safety & Security ensuring the solution protected against the risk of hostile threat; and the team at C3S Joinery ensuring the finished product met the high ergonomic and aesthetic standards expected by LUL.

Having fulfilled its use as a secure ticket office, the module is now used as a facility for airport security services – with its high levels of ballistic and attack resistance offering ongoing protection for the security team at Heathrow Airport.