Access Control

Solutions designed to control the flow of people and to manage the access of individuals.

At C3S, we are experienced in protecting spaces within the built environment from unauthorised access, with a range of solutions designed to monitor and control the flow of people and ensure maximum resistance against attack and robbery.

Our range of products provide a physical, yet active barrier to control the access of individuals. These products can also be enhanced with a range of electronic devices, ensuring a complete security solution.

Utilising a range of materials, such as glass, timber, steel and aluminium, to deliver the appropriate level of security, our solutions are crafted by our in-house joinery and fit out teams to the highest quality standards.

Delivering a range of bespoke and comprehensive solutions, we continuously strive to deliver the latest technologies to achieve the highest levels of security protection.

A range of active systems for controlling entry to buildings and monitoring presence within or around buildings.
Case Studies
C3S provides a complete solution to the challenges faced by organisations, where high standards of finishing, aesthetics and protection are required.
With over 30 years of experience, high level accreditation and an in house manufacturing and joinery facility, we are in control at every stage of a project.

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