Physical Control

Managing the access of people through a range of secure entry systems, C3S offers high quality bespoke solutions that can be further enhanced with electronic access control technology.

Ensuring that access to a building and its secure areas is restricted to authorised individuals is key to the security of your premises.

C3S delivers tailored solutions that combine our premium high-security door and glazing systems with state-of-the-art access control systems.

Our systems are designed, manufactured and installed to British and European standards and can be specified to resist the highest levels of physical, ballistic or blast attack.

Our bespoke ‘Security Airlock Systems’ (SAS) provide a physical and psychological deterrent to individuals intending to gain unauthorised access to a building.

Particularly appropriate for environments such as jewellers and galleries, where high value items are on display and the threat of robbery exists; or simply where the entry of customers needs to be controlled, to help protect staff members.

Constructed from aluminium, steel or timber, our expert joinery team can incorporate bespoke designs into your existing fit out, ensuring the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.

Designed to provide authenticated single-person entry, where the highest levels of secure access control are needed, our high security booths and portals are ideal for sensitive sites or highly restricted areas.

Utilising anti-tailgating and anti-hostage sensor technology, and integrating state-of-the-art authentication systems, we ensure customers can be confident that only authorised access to their premises can be achieved.

Designed to achieve maximum throughput while offering a high level of access control, our range of automatic pedestrian access systems are an effective method of managing access to areas where a robust solution is required, but with minimum disruption to individuals passing through the system.

An increasingly popular way to repel assailants from premises is to install a fast acting BANDIT fogging device.

Working with our partner company SelectaDNA, C3S can integrate a DNA marking machine above your door.

Alongside passive security control measures, active systems for controlling entry and monitoring presence can further enhance levels of security risk mitigation.

Protecting People

Protecting people is central to all that C3S does. We provide high quality, fully-tested and certified solutions to ensure the required level of threat resistance is always offered.

Utilising our skills in physical, ballistic and blast protection, our team design, manufacture and install cutting edge solutions for use in a wide range of complex scenarios. Where either an architectural demand or a complex security risk means a standard solution cannot be applied, we develop bespoke solutions to ensure the brief is met and people are protected.

All our solutions are certified to British, European and defence standards and are able to resist the highest threat levels in each risk category.


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