High Security Portals

Designed to provide authenticated single-person entry, where the highest levels of secure access control are needed.

For sensitive sites or highly restricted areas, where the highest levels of secure access control are needed, our High Security Portals enable single person, authenticated entry to be guaranteed.

Utilising anti-tailgating and anti-hostage sensor technology, seamlessly integrated into each portal, the system immediately switches to lockdown mode as soon as unauthorised access is attempted.

Authentication can either be provided via traditional swipe and keypad systems, or by using cutting edge biometrics and face recognition systems. Security is further enhanced by ensuring each portal can be specified to either physical attack or anti-ballistic levels of performance.

Compact footprint

Highly secure

State-of-the-art sensor technology

Customised designs


With a highly customisable, elegant design, the C3S series of security booths and portals are suitable for a range of applications where it is paramount that access is restricted to authenticated individuals.

Typical installations include:

  • Data centres
  • Financial headquarters
  • Laboratories
  • Office buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Restricted airport zones
  • Sensitive industrial sites
  • Administrative sites
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