Security Airlock Systems

Electronically interlocked door systems to control access to a building and protected areas within it.

The C3S ‘Security Airlock Systems’ (SAS) provide a physical and psychological deterrent to individuals intending to gain unauthorised access to a building.

The entrance to a building is a critical area that requires control wherever there is risk that unwanted access may pose a threat to property and people.

The ‘airlock’ provides a safe containment area which can be manually operated to manage the access or release of people. As exit is only possible through the SAS system, attackers can be held in the ‘lobby’ whilst police arrive.

Particularly appropriate for environments such as jewellers and galleries, where high value items are on display and the threat of robbery exists; or simply where the entry of customers needs to be controlled, to help protect staff members.

Our security airlocks, whether single or double, are operated through our control system which allows a number of operating modes. Comprising of an outer and an inner door with secure partitioning to form an entrance lobby, the system requires both doors to be closed for a period before the second door can be opened, meaning that they cannot be opened simultaneously.

Constructed from aluminium, steel or timber, our expert joinery team can incorporate bespoke designs into your existing fit out, ensuring the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.

Additional technology can also be added to our Security Airlock Systems to provide electronic integration into access control systems – all part of the full security solution available from C3S.

Physical & Ballistic Attack Resistant

Bespoke Designs

DDA Compliant

High Security Locking Systems

In a jeweller, it is often just a single door which is controlled. This requires constant attention by staff who must decide whom to allow to enter. Whilst the door is locked, the branch is secure: once the door is open, however, all security is lost. Single door control cannot prevent multiple person entry.

Electronic Management

The SAS overcomes the problems of staff operation, reducing the risk of human error.

Controlled by our active management system, it can be set to accommodate different circumstances within the branch, with options allowing direct customer operation, through to full lockdown.

Entry Control

Open doors provide the greatest weakness to a security line. The SAS system helps control the flow in and out of a premises, keeping staff in control whilst preventing tailgating.

Combined with our electronic management systems, admission and exit can be strictly controlled.

High Security Locks

Robust mechanical or electric locking systems with master and slave leaf options to provide the highest levels of resistance to physical attack.

All of our locking systems are certified to EN179 and EN1125 for emergency and panic exit doors and EN1634-1 for fire resistance (when used with correct exit hardware). Our high security locks are also tested to EN1627 for burglary and EN12209 for mechanical resistance.

Double SAS Systems

In busy environments or to manage access during peaks of usage, combining multiple SAS Systems or ‘entry’ and ‘exit’ points can be achieved without compromising the security effectiveness.

Case Studies


Working alongside organisations to deliver the highest levels of security to ensure the safety of their people, we also understand the value of an effective customer dialogue, so have developed a range of bespoke solutions to achieve effective interactions in situations without compromising on safety.

Popular within the rail and finance industry, our customer service products span any scenario where staff need protection against attack.

C3S also offer a complete maintenance and support service for our SAS products. We would always recommend that our SAS door installations be serviced at least once a year.

For more information on how C3S can assist in the design, manufacture and installation of your security requirements please complete the form below and our expert team will be in touch, or call +44 (0) 1422 313800.


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