Security Entrance Lanes

Designed to achieve maximum throughput while offering a high level of access control.

Our range of automatic pedestrian access systems are an effective method of managing access to areas where a robust solution is required, but with minimum disruption to people passing through the system.

Utilising market leading technology and our combined expertise, we work with our clients to design, manufacture and install bespoke systems which successfully control the flow of people.

Our systems also enable seamless integration of proximity, swipe, biometric, keypad or other user authentication devices to further support the security lines within a premises.

State-of-the-art detection

Highly reliable

Clean and elegant design

Compact footprint

Discrete Security

The C3S automatic pedestrian entrance control systems are designed to deliver uncompromising security whilst maintaining efficient pedestrian throughput and an unobtrusive design.

The modern and clean design of our security entrance lanes is perfectly suited to corporate and public environments.

Transport Specialists

As a respected supplier to the rail industry, our range of public transport products are able to integrate with every kind of ticketing system and are equipped with the latest communication modules so they can be linked to information systems.

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