Building Protection

C3S works alongside owners, architects and developers to design, manufacture and install solutions that protect people and property in the built environment.

Utilising aluminium, steel, timber and glazing materials to meet the aesthetic objectives of a project, we protect the building envelope and its internal security lines from physical, ballistic and blast attack.

Specialists in both glazed security and bespoke joinery, we ensure no compromise is needed between a client’s security and aesthetic considerations.

In all of our solution categories, our systems are certified to British, European or defence standards and able to resist the highest threat levels in each risk category.

A range of glazed and armoured solutions providing passive threat protection from blasts, ballistics and physical attack.

Protecting People

Protecting people is central to all that C3S does. We provide high quality, fully-tested and certified solutions to ensure the required level of threat resistance is always offered.

Utilising our skills in physical, ballistic and blast protection, our team design, manufacture and install cutting edge solutions for use in a wide range of complex scenarios. Where either an architectural demand or a complex security risk means a standard solution cannot be applied, we develop bespoke solutions to ensure the brief is met and people are protected.

All our solutions are certified to British, European and defence standards and are able to resist the highest threat levels in each risk category.


  • Security Doors & Windows
  • Security Curtain Walling
  • Demountable Armoured Walls
  • Demountable Security Partitioning
  • Strong Rooms & Panic Rooms

Eco Factors

In addition to the physical threats that C3S protects against, our systems can also be specified to provide protection against a range of environmental hazards.

All of our glazed security systems can be specified with high performance glazing that protects against thermal conduction, acoustics and UV. Our systems can also be tailored to protect against extreme weather conditions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Case Studies
C3S provides a complete solution to the challenges faced by organisations, where high standards of finishing, aesthetics and protection are required.
With over 30 years of experience, high level accreditation and an in house manufacturing and joinery facility, we are in control at every stage of a project.
Approved manufacturer and installer of

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