Physical & Ballistic Attack

Glazed security systems designed, manufactured and installed to provide a shield against physical or ballistic attack.

Maintaining the integrity of a building’s internal or external fabric in the event of attack is fundamental to the protection of people and property in the built environment.

At C3S we know how to ensure that the security lines within or around a building can resist attempted robberies or armed attempts to gain access and harm individuals.

Combined with our Access Management solutions, we can design, manufacture and install a comprehensive security shield against the threat of physical and ballistic attack.

Security Doors & Windows

Secure Curtain Walling

Demountable Armoured Walls

Glazed Screens & Partitions

Our security door-sets, windows and screens can be manufactured from aluminium, steel, stainless steel and timber. Glass and frame are then perfectly matched to provide consistent protection, certified at the specified level.

Security door sets include inward and outward opening options. Secure manual, electric or powered locking systems can also be incorporated where required.

Performance Rating

Our bullet resistant glazing systems are designed and tested to protect against specific weapons using a variety of ammunition.

The protective shield we create absorbs both the impact and the energy of the projectile, ensuring the bullet does not pass through. As different weapons and bullets produce different results when fired, each product is tested and rated against each level.

Our ballistic security systems have been successfully tested to BS EN1522:1999 and BS EN1063:2000 to achieve both FB and BR ratings respectively, without spall.

Contact us for specialist assistance or to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Customer Service Solutions

View our range of secure counters, screens and airlock systems designed to protect staff, whilst supporting effective delivery of customer service.

Aluminium Systems

Our aluminium frame and door systems offer resistance against both physical and ballistic attack, with deep glazing rebates to ensure the glass remains within the frame under even the most concerted attack.

Steel inserts are incorporated to enhance the performance of systems, enabling all performance levels under current BS and EN standards to be achieved. Supplied anodised, our aluminium doors and frames can be supplied in a full range of powder coated finishes.

Steel Systems

Available in both mild steel and stainless steel, our BS and EN tested steel frame and door systems ensure glass will remain in the frame whilst under attack.

Mild steel solutions can be supplied in a full range of powder coated finishes, whilst our stainless steel systems are available either brushed or polished.

Timber Systems

Utilising the skills of our experienced in-house joinery craftspeople, we are able to meet extremely intricate design challenges, as well as being able to tailor solutions to match existing designs and wood finishes.

Able to provide both physical and ballistic attack resistance, the timber is reinforced with steel inserts to ensure its performance against the required level of hostile threat resistance.

Case Studies


Developing bespoke security solutions with architects, main contractors or directly with our clients, we have a reputation for achieving high quality solutions that benefit from our independent status within the glazing industry and our in-house manufacturing and installation service.

Clients Include: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, BAM Construction, First ScotRail, HSBC, Aldi, Skanska Construction, Ministry of Defence.

For more information on how C3S can assist in the design, manufacture and installation of your security requirements, please complete the form below and our expert team will be in touch, or call +44 (0) 1422 313800.


  • Railway Stations & Airports
  • Shopfronts & Retail Environments
  • Local Authority Buildings
  • Prisons & Detention Centres
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Commercial & Industrial Premises
  • Banks & Building Societies
  • Diplomatic Protection & Embassies
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