Customer Service Security Solutions

Security screens and counters designed to protect customer service teams from physical and ballistic attack.

In customer facing environments there is often a risk of ballistic or physical attack, particularly where cash is handled or transacted.

Providing a secure line of defence, either to protect staff or keep property and assets secure, our secure customer service solutions integrate seamlessly to the interior fit-out of a building, without compromise to the level of threat mitigation required.

Our customer service solutions support interaction between individuals, whilst maintaining a high level of protection against physical or ballistic attack.

In-house bespoke joinery

Attack & ballistic resistance

DDA compliant

Integrated speech transfer

All of our solutions are available with either manual or automated pass trays and electronic speech transfer systems to ensure a high quality customer experience.

Designed to a range of threat protection levels, including physical and ballistic attack, our solutions include secure glazed screens, internal security doors and secure counters, providing a safe barrier between staff and the public.

Security Screens

Glazed physical and ballistic attack resistant security screens provide a permanent barrier between staff and potential attackers, whilst also enabling easy interaction.

Utilising a range of manual and automated pass trays and electronic speech transfer systems, we work to ensure no compromise needs to be made between the quality of customer interactions and the safety and security of staff.

Rise & Fall DDA Compliant Secure Counters

The C3S Rise and Fall Security Counter provides equality of access for customers, as required by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), creating a flexible counter-line which can be mechanically lowered to a level suitable for wheel chair users.

Suitable in single-counter situations, or when it is not economically feasible to have an additional permanently lowered counter for the sole use of wheel chair users.

Security Airlock Systems

Our bespoke ‘Security Airlock Systems’ (SAS) provide a physical and psychological deterrent to individuals intending to gain unauthorised access to a building.

Particularly appropriate for environments such as jewellers and galleries, where high value items are on display and the threat of robbery exists; or simply where the entry of customers needs to be controlled, to help protect staff members.

Constructed from aluminium, steel or timber, our expert joinery team can incorporate bespoke designs into your existing fit out, ensuring the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.

Bespoke Counters and Reception Desks

Utilising our in-house bespoke joinery specialists, we create unique interior solutions, from high quality bespoke counters through to full corporate and retail fit-outs.

Wherever a layer of security is required, our security and joinery specialists collaborate to ensure both aesthetic and security priorities are achieved.


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Working alongside organisations to deliver the highest levels of security to ensure the safety of their people, we also understand the value of an effective customer dialogue, so have developed a range of bespoke solutions to achieve effective interactions in situations without compromising on safety.

Popular within the rail and finance industry, our customer service products span any scenario where staff need protection against attack.

For more information on how C3S can assist in the design, manufacture and installation of your security requirements please complete the form below and our expert team will be in touch, or call +44 (0) 1422 313800.


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