Secure Modular Buildings

Bespoke, prefabricated secure units, rapidly deployed for temporary or permanent use.

C3S is a market leader in secure modular buildings, providing the specialist safety and security solutions offered by the company within a flexible and robust portable building.

Built to withstand the highest levels of hostile attack and with the need for frequent movement, easy transportation and quick installation built into our designs, our modular buildings offer a fast-track alternative to traditional methods of construction.

Specialising in guardhouses, ticket offices, gate-line kiosks and security control rooms, our modular buildings are the perfect solution where safety, security and speed of deployment are key.

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Highly Secure

Temporary or Permanent

Manufactured In-House

Bespoke Designs

Mobile Branch - Providing a dynamic response to a disaster and crisis situation without compromising on safety or security.

Flexible Solutions

Providing safety and security to staff, whilst being flexible enough to respond to changing operational needs, our secure modular units offer exceptional long term value.

Manufactured in our factory, our modules are delivered without the need for extensive building work, reducing disruption and critical path obstacles that are often experienced with traditional construction.

Our modules are popular within many industries, addressing a range of protection needs.

Applications include:

  • Rail Ticket Offices
  • Mobile Bank Branches
  • High Security Gatehouses
  • Security Control Rooms
  • Guardhouses and Sentry Posts

Unique Modules

C3S is experienced in developing unique and original modules for the most challenging design, build and installation requirements.

Harnessing our comprehensive on-site manufacturing, joinery, safety, security and modular building experience, C3S is uniquely placed to provide the very best tailored modular solutions.

If you have a bespoke modular building project, please contact us to see how we can help.

Case Studies
C3S provides a complete solution to the challenges faced by organisations, where high standards of finishing, aesthetics and protection are required.
With over 30 years of experience, high level accreditation and an in-house manufacturing and joinery facility, we are in control at every stage of a project.

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