Major Addition to C3S Safety & Security Range of Secure Access Systems

We have been involved in the supply and installation of Security Airlock Systems (SAS) to the financial and commercial world for over 20 years.

Our SAS comprises 2 doors, electronically interlocked to prevent both doors being open simultaneously, act as a deterrent to would-be attackers who fear being trapped inside the SAS either on the way into a building or on the way out.

We have installed our SAS, constructed in aluminium, timber or steel, resistant to physical and ballistic attack, in banks, building societies, government buildings and other vulnerable sites where securing access is paramount.


We have now introduced a complimentary range of High-Security Portals (HSP) aimed more at the commercial and industrial market. The HSP operates in a different way to our SAS.

SAS incorporate hinged doors with side and overhead panels to make the airlock. HSPs are fully automated units where the security glazing rotates around the person entering or leaving the building, ensuring that at no time is either the person or the building vulnerable to attack.

HSPs are suitable for ensuring secure access to a wide range of buildings, including offices, vulnerable industrial areas, cash-holding facilities and a wide range of other areas requiring secure access.

HSPs and SAS can be stand-alone or remotely monitored and controlled, integrated into a building’s overall security management.

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