Fire Protection

Providing fire resistant glazed frames and doors our range of integrity and insulation solutions is designed to provide maximum protection against fire.

We manufacture, supply and install fire resistant glazing systems that are tested to both British and European standards, providing between 30 and 120 minutes of fire protection, integrity only or integrity and insulation.

From completely frameless systems to more traditional timber or metal frames, our in-house design and manufacturing teams will provide a bespoke solution to achieve the required fire rating for a specific project.

As an independent company, C3S is able to recommend and source the most appropriate glazing products for any application, ensuring there is no compromise on any project.

Fire Resistant Windows

Fire Resistant Doors

Fire Resistant Glazed Screens

Fire Resistant Horizontal Glazing

Utilising the full skill set of our experienced FIRAS approved team and bespoke joinery personnel, we design, manufacture and install the complete system.

Metal Framed Systems

Using modern versatile framing systems, we design and manufacture solutions from mild steel, stainless steel profiles or aluminium.

Mild steel profiles can be powder coated with a vast range of colours that meet virtually any aesthetic requirement, whilst stainless steel can be provided in a polished or brushed finish.

Timber Framed Systems

Fire resistant frame and door systems can be manufactured from a range of sustainable hardwoods and suitable softwoods enabling C3S to offer a wide range of finishes to compliment a building’s design.

Low Profile

C3S manufactures fire resistant glazing systems that do not require transoms or mullions in each of the material it uses for framed system. This maximises the available light and offers choice to the client or architect when designing the working environment of the building and enhances the aesthetics of Fire Resistant Glazed Systems which can often use bulky frames.

Horizontal Glazing Systems

Our specialist horizontal glazing systems are suitable for virtually all environments, whether your need is for extra light or a view into the space below.

Tested to British and European standards, our horizontal glazing systems enable challenging architectural and aesthetic demands to be achieved, without compromising on the need to provide the highest levels of fire protection.

Case Studies

Fire + Physical Attack Protection

Combining our passive fire protection solutions with materials to protect against physical attack, C3S is positioned perfectly to provide a combined level of threat protection in all instances, without compromising on product quality or integrity.

Incorporating a 19mm thick modified toughened float glass in a frame, matched to its performance level in both manual attack and fire and heat resistance, the system overcomes the problems associated with conventional glazing materials such as Georgian wired and polycarbonates.

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