Smoke Control

Attractive, passive glazed smoke control systems designed to resist fire and protect against the spread smoke.

Traditionally, smoke curtains have been just that; specially treated fabric which falls into place when smoke is detected – our glazed smoke control systems offer a passive solution which requires little or no maintenance. In the event of a fire, they work to prevent the spread of smoke, ensuring it is ducted to the extraction system quickly.

As part of our commitment to developing innovative solutions to assist in the protection of people within a range of environments, our glazed smoke curtains deliver a safer alternative to fabric curtains.


  • There is virtually no maintenance needed. Cleaning the glass is all that is required
  • It is a permanent fixture and needs no periodic testing, avoiding the disruption and subsequent cleaning required with fabric curtains
  • We use modified fire resistant glasses. If a breakage does occur, it fractures into small pieces.
  • Our solution can be either framed or frameless dependant on location, performance and aesthetic requirements.

Passive Glazed Protection

Attractive Design

Minimal Maintenance

Suitable for installation in new or existing buildings and installed by our FIRAS qualified technicians, our solution offers an attractive, maintenance-free alternative to traditional smoke curtains.


Active smoke curtains that drop when a fire alarm system is activated always carry an inherent risk of failure.

The C3S Smoke Curtain is permanently active, without the use of any mechanisms or moving parts – providing round-the-clock readiness in the event of a fire.

Reduced Maintenance

Compared to fabric smoke curtains, which require regular testing and specialist cleaning, our glazed solution simply requires periodic cleaning in-line with other glazing within the building.

There is no requirement for specialist training or ongoing product maintenance.

Specialist Glazing

We use a modified fire resistant glass which is designed to withstand extreme heat and changing temperatures.

If breakage does occur, the glass fractures into small pieces, protecting people who may be in the vicinity of the smoke curtain area.

As an independent specialist in this field, C3S can supply the most appropriateĀ solution for a design and performance problem.

Following research and development from our technical and manufacturing teams, we have tested our solution to withstand the most extreme effects of fire and smoke. Increasingly popular in shopping centres and mass-footfall environments where the aesthetic benefits of open glazing are particularly appealing.

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Wherever glazing is used to provide protection against the spread of fire or smoke including:

  • public buildings
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • airports
  • office blocks
  • shopping malls
  • railway stations
  • underground stations

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