Critical National Infrastructure

Every country has key infrastructure which needs protecting, including, telecommunication hubs, water treatment works, power stations and fuel storage facilities.

C3S work with both governments and infrastructure owners to ensure these assets remain robustly protected both from physical attack and unauthorised access

C3S have developed several products for this sector including high security access portal and thermally broken armoured doors.

Products Applicable To This Sector:

Control Room & Armoury

Due to the sensitive nature of work in this sector, C3S will only provide details of other case studies to qualified personnel with the consent of our previous clients. Please contact us directly with your enquiry and we will be delighted to assist further.

C3S provides a complete solution to the challenges faced by organisations, where high standards of finishing, aesthetics and protection are required.
With over 30 years of experience, high level accreditation and an in house manufacturing and joinery facility, we are in control at every stage of a project.

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